Beginning C# Object-Oriented Programming

Beginning C # Object-Oriented Programming takes you into the development of the modern world as you master the basics of programming with C # and learn to develop efficient, reusable, elegant code through object-oriented programming (OOP) methodology. Take your skills out of the 20th century and into this one accessible guide Dan Clark, a fast paced to C # and object-oriented programming, completely updated for. NET 4.0 and C # 4.0.

When you develop the techniques and best practices for coding in C #, one of the most popular language in the contemporary world, you will experience the modeling world? Real?
What are you? Will learn to Learn to use the Universal Modeling Language (UML) to quickly? Design application correctly from the first principles of Understanding object-oriented programming and how they benefit your work in today's dual-and Web-based Windows world Integrate fundamental OOP when developing code in C # Discover NET Framework. and how it can help you create applications quickly and efficiently Walk along as the author developed a Windows application and Web-based complete using the techniques and best practices are included in Who this book is to

If you are a beginning C # programmers who want to get the foundation in object-oriented programming along with the basics of the language C #, this book is for you.
Table of Contents Overview of Object-Oriented Programming Designing OOP Solutions: Identifying Class Structure OOP Design Solution: Modeling the Object Interaction Designing OOP Solutions:. A Case Study of Introducing NET Framework and Visual Studio Creating a Class Creating a Class Hierarchy Implementing Object Collaboration Working with Collections Implement Data Access Layer Developing Windows Applications Developing Web Applications Developing and Consuming WCF Services Developing Applications Programming OSO Wrapping Up The concept underlying the Exception Handling in C # Installation Tool Required Software


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