Ebook Vector Basic Training

This book WILL, however, teach the importance of drawing your ideas, analyze forms, and then methodically building them precisely in the form of vectors using the techniques described in this book.

In Vector Basic Training, was recognized designer Von Glitschka illustrations take you through a systematic process it to create the right kind of vector graphics that separates the pros from mere toolers. Along the way, he'll whip your drawing skills into shape and show you how to create an elegant curve and right anchor points for your design?.

Vector Basic Training, you? In'll learn:

The tools and shortcuts that make a design pro? S armamentHow creative to use? Methods Clockwork? to create an accurate curve every time When and where to set just the right number anchor points for every design How to build forms quickly using basic tools and plug-insTechniques Illustrator to art direct the work yourself so that you get the response you desireWhy symmetry is your friend and how to use it effectively in your designs
In the DVD-ROM: Glitschka Von report for duty in more than four hours?



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