Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 Editor 9.0 FOR MAC OSX

Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 Editor 9.0 [Mac App Store] | 1.78 GB

Average user to understand the program, sometimes quite difficult. In AdobePhotoshopElements all much easier. But easier does not mean worse, and although this is not the full version, its ability to work with the image is very wide.
The program Adobe Photoshop Elements combines extensive processing capabilities and ease of use. Create and organize your own albums, store them on your computer, publish on the Internet or send them to mobile devices, edit photos using special photo effects, create collages, custom slide shows, fix and enhance photos in automatic mode or by-step instructions.
Create your own photo collection, and no confusion in file names, now that Adobe Photoshop Elements offers the ability to organize your photos, divide them into groups and classified by tags. With this program you will instantly find the right picture, not how big would your collection.

Extras. Information:

-Customize your favorite Photo Style
Required to simulate a favorite style, such as high contrast or color rendering? Tool "Synchronize styles PhotomergeƂ» analyzes the stylistic features of any selected photo and automatically applies them to other images.
-Repair and restoration of failed photos
Telephone wires, tourists or passing cars spoil the whole picture? Just one touch Healing Brush, and all the unwanted elements in photos without a trace of dissolved even in an inhomogeneous background. Also with its help
You can fix old or torn photos to print them.
Fast publication of photos and video on Facebook
Easily send photos and videos directly from Facebook ** Organizer. Your media data will be optimized automatically.
-Perfect Photos
Access to each function can directly edit the layout of the image, so you can easily retouch any detail.
-Now photos can create and print at home
Printable wall calendars, greeting cards and photo albums are now enough home printer.
-Create a realistic panoramas
Now create a full panorama is easier than ever. Improved Photomerge blending module smooths the jagged edges of the automatic connection of several horizontal or vertical photos.
Awesome photo effects,
Easily create amazing effects that will add to your photos a professional accomplishment. New managed edits allow you to create masterpieces of pop art, photos, style LOMO Ć¢€ and much more.
-Absolute freedom of creativity
Create prints that meet your requirements, using the basic and advanced modes, each of which offers a certain level of control.
Creating a multi-photos
Add photos of the volume and expressiveness. Using layer masks, transparency control certain areas, you can make part of one photo showing through the other.
Supports multi-touch features of Mac
Evaluate the possibility of multi-touch control, the proposed technology, Mac


To activate, go to the Core Keygen, choose in the list of "Photoshop Elements v9", click "Patch hosts file", then "Generate", the security code is the key, you have to insert it into the appropriate field activation during installation.


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