New Energy Sources Cheap And Without Pollution

By using a sheet of glass covered with organic paint scientists have made a tool of the sun in an efficient and practical that they believe can make a cheap new energy sources and clean at the same time without any pollution.

Scientists are eager to find alternative energy sources that use sunlight as an energy source replacement in the future.

The scientists used a sheet of glass is coated with an organic paint to concentrate sunlight on a field shoot.

Organic paint absorbs sunlight collected which is then transferred to a layer of glass that bring the sun heat up to the edge of the glass layers carrying or moving the sun's rays onto a certain distance, said the researchers.

On the edge of the glass layer of cells located sunlight which then converts sunlight into electricity.

So we do it just by using a sheet of glass coated with organic paint on it, said electro professor at MIT, Marc Baldo, who led the research project.

The basic idea is captured sunlight glass sheets coated with organic paint. Paint it and then move on to the field dipinggrir sheet of glass. So we argue that our method can menggurangi cost of making electricity by using energy from sunlight, says Baldo.

All it takes is sunlight cells that migrate to the edge of the sheet of glass, so that we can save the cost of electricity generated sunlight.

Sheet glass used is a flat and lightweight so it can be used in sunlight panels that can be placed on the roof or used as a window that can generate electric power.

Scientists estimate that they find the system usable public within three years and can be added to the system of solar panels to increase the efficiency of electricity-producing system using sunlight.

Some MIT researchers are now forming a company with headquarters in Boston to develop a marketing and technology tools producing electricity using solar light.

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