Light Garden With Solar Lamps

Grand Solar Garden Lights Without Power

Excessive use of electricity could lead to carbon emissions that pollute the environment. One way to save electricity consumption is to use solar lights.

Electrical energy crisis is still a hot topic of conversation. Backup power and fuel power plants that the less forcing PLN to conduct rolling blackouts. This is already beginning to be felt by most people. Not only in remote areas but has already penetrated into the big cities.

With limited power source, there are three things to do. First learn wise to electricity by means of electrical energy sufficient and not excessive. Second, using energy saving lamps. And third, using any form of alternative energy sources.

For the first and second, its only reduce it. Dependence on electrical energy is still there. While the third, is eliminating the dependence on electrical energy.

The use of alternative energy is the best solution to solve the problem of decreasing supply of electricity. The abundance of energy around you that can be obtained free of charge can be maximized to obtain electrical energy.

Is the sun, the source of energy that can be harnessed to generate electricity. There have been many forms of utilization of sunlight to generate electricity. One is a light that uses solar resources as a primary energy to power the lights.

Until now, the lights that harness the sun's rays are widely used as street lamps or traffic lights. For the residential scale, has recently become available that utilize the park lights sunlight. In the market the product was labeled grand solar lights.

According Rasyariel D. Margiaty, Marketing Manager of PT Grand Battery Technologies Indonesia (marketer of grand solar lights), grand solar garden lights created specifically to take advantage of abundant energy from the sun. In Indonesia this type include a new lamp. Circulation of its products began to be marketed around the end of March 2009.

Main Components
These lights use a solar panel device that is usually used in water heating devices. This device is a major component of grand solar lights because of this device, the energy of sunlight can be captured and stored in the battery.

Broadly speaking, this grand solar garden lights consists of 3 components. First, the leg lamp shaped tapered. This component serves to plug a lamp into the ground. Second, the light pole. This component has a varying length. For the current size of the maximum height on the market about 60 cm. And third is the house / head lights.

The part that is the most important part of this product included a solar panel, LED lamp which is the source of illumination lights, indicator lights, and batteries to store electrical energy.

For materials, the legs and light poles consist of two types, plastic and stainless steel. As for the head lights, the material in this section is diverse because there are a variety of components, ranging from stainless steel or plastic to house lights and translucent glass or mica as a protective solar panels located on the top of the head lamps.

Energy Saving System Works
The main working principle of this lamp is solar energy capture and store energy in batteries. In the daytime, solar panels located on top of the lamp or rays of light capture. Not only that captured sunlight but also UV light when the sun does not shine brightly also can be captured by the solar panels.

Thus, under overcast or cloudy weather, solar panels can still perform its function to capture the energy. This is different if there is no sunlight, such as during the night, the solar panels can not get energy.

Rays or energy is then converted into electrical energy through the photovoltaic process. Electricity generated by solar panels directly stored in the battery. When the solar panels work, the red indicator light will turn on. If the process of charging energy from solar panels to the battery is full, the indicator light will turn off automatically.

Electricity is already stored in the battery, electric energy can flow. Just slide the lever switch on house lights, the lights were lit. Under conditions of full battery, the lamp will light for approximately 12 hours.

To get a full battery, it only needs a minimum of 4 hours of sunlight and the sun shines without any clouds. In cloudy or overcast conditions, light can still save energy. However, light is not bright lights and turn on time is also reduced if they do not get full of energy.

Lights that just get a little energy from the sun could only burn approximately 6-8 hours. Designed Rumble Brief grand solar lamp is easily bolted in its use. Pemasangannyapun very easy. Simply by menancapkannya into the ground. Or to model the suspension, lights stay attached
on the surface of the wall.

Only, for households not fenced lights are plugged in on the ground should be bolted or embedded in the concrete block that is not easily taken the hands of ignorant. Variety of grand solar lamp lights are distinguished based on material, size, and cross-sectional area of ​​the solar panels. This diversity also determines the sale price.

For the lamp of stainless steel are more expensive than the light from plastic materials. In comparison, for the lights from plastic materials cost about USD 110 thousand - 200 thousand USD. Varian also dibebakan grand solar lights from the color of its LED lights. There are white and yellow. However, the color of light does not affect the price difference.

With the use of such lamps, electric energy at home can save around 10%. Electricity bills can be reduced each month. Save it?

Advantages Compared to Ordinary Garden Lights

1. Electrical energy sources are not inexhaustible. As long as there is still life, the sun will shine. Indonesia's geographical location situated on the equator and also receives the sun's heat during the season, becoming more distinct values. Utilization will be maximal compared to those living in polar regions.

2. Environmentally friendly. Judging from the overall material, this lamp uses environmentally friendly materials. Even for a grand battery of his cell as the electrical energy storage does not contain cadmium and alkali.

3. Economical cost. Using this garden lights is like you buy goods with a double bonus. In addition to the lamp flame will never die, unless the electrical energy stored in the battery runs out, these lights save you electricity bills. Although the count of money is relatively expensive, if taken into account more closely again a matter of money is relatively cheap. This is due portion of electric bills for the use of garden lighting can be reduced while you use these lights.

4. Without fuel and pollution-free. No fuel used to power these lights. All enjoyed free of charge and free of charge. In the future, its use will not cause problems, Also there is no pollution resulting from the use of these lights.

5. No need special care costs. The thing that makes one lazy person is caring for an item. Good stuff, if treatment is difficult, people will easily turn. But not with this plant lights. Only need to wipe the surface of the solar cell so that dirt does not close the energy of sunlight it receives. Light material is also anti fungal and not easily corroded so that consumers increasingly easy to maintain.

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