dBpoweramp Music Converter R14.2

Having spent over 15 years in the audio business, illustrate have a strong working knowledge of: Audio Formats, ripping & audio conversion. Privately held, employing staff who understand and are dedicated to audio perfection, our products speak for themselves in-terms of quality, depth and usability. Our products include:

dBpoweramp Music Converter: the corner stone of illustrate's product base with over 30 Million users. Stability and compatibility are two of Music Converters defining characteristics, appealing to home users and businesses. Utilized by many television, radio stations and Fortune 100 companies.

dBpoweramp CD Ripper has an installed user base of over 10 Million and falls in the top 5 CD Rippers (on disc count being ripped). CD Ripper has ripped 100's of Millions of discs.

It is safe to say dBpoweramp is trusted to encode more multi-format audio files than any other program.
illustrate are innovators in the field of audio, over the years Illustrate have been the worlds 1st to:

* Implement an online ripping accuracy database: AccurateRip, self correction of drive offsets.
* Upload m4a audio files to the Apple iPod (on Windows),
* Audio Player to offer rating abilities in a Music Collection,
* Independent Windows implementation of Apple Lossless encoder, 24 bit Apple Lossless encoder,
* Audio Converter to support Windows Media Audio,
* PerfectMeta: uses multiple metadata sources simultaneously to self correct errors,


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