MAC OS Arturia V2 Vintage Collection + Waldorf Collection

Arturia V2 Vintage Collection + Waldorf Collection And Video Tutorial RTAS AU VST UB MacOSX  | 2.81 GB

Arturia V2 Vintage Collection + Waldorf Collection RTAS AU VST UB OSX & Win also includes Waldorf Edition and Largo + Wine Bottle, Toast 11 & Video Tutorial I have simplified this installation process so that if you are a mac user only there is a shortcut method that bypasses the need to use a PC the Waldorf bundle is a toast image for those who do not have toast I have included the latest version and Wine Bottle. by default on 99% of all Windows computers the 'Application Data Folder' is invisible, in order for you to see the Applications data folder you must go to:
1. Start
2. My Computer
3. Local Disk (C
4. All Users folder
5. Go to the menubar under Tools & select (folder options.)
6. Go to the 'View' tab
7. Scroll down and select (Hidden files and folders) you must enable it to show hidden files / folders.
8. Apply the changes and you should see the Application Data folder.
9. Drag the Selicenser.sel to your Mac desktop or copy it to your pc desktop
10. Place it into a folder and then place that folder inside of another folder
11. Drag it to a jump drive or any device that will show up on a mac
12. close out of VMware and drag the Selicenser.sel to your mac.

Link Download

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