Cow Manure for Energy Utilization of Biogas

Development and Utilization of Cow Manure into Energy Biogas

Kerosene as a fuel that has long been used by the Indonesian people generally for their household needs, is now a phenomenon of considerable concern because of its existence which is becoming increasingly hard to come by (rare). This is because the implementation of government policies that began to replace kerosene into gas. Energy supply for households that rely only on kerosene, obviously would be very burdensome

Government and the user community itself. One of the renewable alternative energy that is relatively easy and inexpensive to use cow dung as an energy source biogas. Biogas energy sources is a fuel that is cheap and environmentally friendly.

One member of the target SME Business Technology Center (BTC-BPPT) who care about such things are PT. Golden Sand. At this time Incentive Program within the framework of the Ministry of Research and Technology (KNRT) FY 2008, the BTC-BPPT technical assistance activities and support facilities provided to the PT.

Golden sand to a better Biogas development. Biogas utilization is devoted to energy needs in the company's internal environment and surrounding communities (30 households) are used for lighting, cooking / stove and water heater. Biogas production of the final product

will produce a number of waste in the form of biogas manure that has lost its gas (slurry) or the so-called organic fertilizers that are very rich in nutrients needed by plants.

The pattern of technical assistance conducted by the BTC-BPPT to PT. Golden sand through a Technology-Based Business Pembinan covering aspects of technical, organizational, human resources, and information. Methodology in the implementation guidance will be determined through a model of integrated farming

(Development of Cyclo Bio Farming). The benefits arising from the results of this effort is coaching; the creation of the Village Independent Energy Cyclo Farming with Bio model, and PT. Pasir Emas can be used as examples of success in the implementation of biogas systems as well as model Cyclo Bio Farming.

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